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What should be done by a wedding photographer?

Attend the technical meeting / committee meeting. Return to list of required photos. For example: a room for a photo studio, power location, etc.. Good coordination among service providers will make all well-organized. No cable mess in front of wedding chair for example.

Understanding the order of events & attend as scheduled. Back Up the time to prepare & equipment. If the location of the event we do not know, do the previous survey. The wedding day everyone is busy with their own job, do not increase their burden.

Dressed in a polite & reasonable. Especially in the traditional wedding, you should not wear sandals, poloshirt / tshirt and jeans. Family does not care about the brand of sandals that you use. Crocs though, are not eligible in the party room.

Eat before work. Remember ... we come to work

Understand the rules that apply in the events. Ex: courtesy enter mosques, a prohibition of the church altar, wearing clothes custom duty, etc.

Does not disrupt other personnel on duty. Ie inhibit the view of the event.
Remember the bride to do the things that will make the image better. For example: a lot of smiles, too often do not resign, the body must be steady, the time to pray lift both hands high, etc.. Return these things before the event or a few days before, not at the time of the event will take place because of the concentration / damage solemnity procession

Use equipment rightly. Note whether the room will be subject to aesthetic by means of photography is used. Pay for the expensive room decor. Softbox & umbrella often obstruct the view towards the stage guests / wedding chair. Photographer is the one tested, does not depend on only 1 type of equipment.

Do not set too much, the way events submit events to the bearer. Show ignites with a low profile event, so attendance does not create a bumbling photographer / damage the atmosphere. Not too often ago-thatch with reason pursue moment. Place a few photographers on the strategic location to get all the corners of the shooting.

When you have another video / photographer in other place, Make some "agreement". Eg not to take positions that lead to each other, we recorded ( "in frame").

Make an appointment when the photos results will be submitted

Finally, professional photographers do not have to show photographs which failed to clients. Always show the best image & store the your ugly photos as introspection.

Hopefully we become better people

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