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Wedding souvenirs is items that are already mandatory in the marriage eg Chocolate Souvenir. It is not usual when in marriage does not provide unique pretty goods, that can be used in weddings.

Souvenir sought in every marriage is arranged and the unique is not the same as elsewhere eg chocolate cake. Because the events owner will shame when they provides souvenirs that are similar to marriage elsewhere.

There are several ways to find a unique souvenir:
  1. Look for souvenirs of the new products. In this way, souvenirs will never have elsewhere
  2. Look for souvenirs that are made only on the order or orders made by eg Chocolate Souvenir. Look at the example directly to souvenirs where the author (souvenir sellers). This way, you can order the souvenirs in accordance with the desire in your souvenir seller.
  3. If you do not find a souvenir of new products, look at the souvenirs that can be modified by it. Modifications can be a color change, the addition or reduction of elements in the souvenir. Of this way is usually the price will increase. Try to ask for a quote the cheaper price
  4. adding a name or date of the wedding or marriage is one way to create a unique souvenir
  5. Will be an interesting choice when selecting a souvenir on the author directly. Because this way you can determine the model as you wish eg chocolate cake in the chocolate shop / chocolate shop. And the seller or the author can give advice to you that in accordance with the desire results. In addition, the author can make souvenir products (eg chocolate cake) according to your budget or the budget. In this way you will take pride in accordance with souvenirs as you desire.

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