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You must take an attention in every aspect of your wedding. To avoid stress with little matters on the day before marriage, following are few tips for you and your partner to avoid the stress before your wedding day.

1. Any agreement you make with the vendor, Write it in according to the standard contract. Ask to Describe clearly what you want and what you not want when making a booking. Do not wait until the wedding day for you to make big changes.

2. Start to delegate every thing related to your wedding. Ask someone from the family to arrange payment to the vendor. And also ask for your brothers and sisters to coordinate receptionist and souvenirs, double checking with the catering, or other small duties. You can also request assistance Professional Wedding Organizer to organize every thing in your wedding reception to be run as planned.

3. As a woman you always take extra panty, clear nail polish, wet tissue, tissue, cotton bud, the medicines, spot remover, band-aids, sewing kit, pin, double tape, white wood / wind oil, perfume / body spray, and make up the standard equipment such as face powder and blush on. And for the men, take mouthwash, breath mints, shaver, and cologne.

4. Place a counterfeit ring on the ring pillow, to avoid losing your wedding ring. Ask your parents to save your wedding ring. Give the ring pillow to the children who had the task to bring the ring 2 minutes before the event.

5. Start to walk and rotate when you use a wedding dress. And the day before the wedding, make sure it is in accordance with the size of your body. Find the easiest way when you walk. Try to "integrates" with your wedding dress so you can feel comfortable when you perform various activities. When eating, drinking, make up or re-touch make up, always provided that napkin wedding dress or the suit you and your partner does not dirty. If you want to drink, use a straw and be careful.

6. A week before the wedding, contact each vendors and make sure that you all goes according to plan. Invent a technical meeting to ensure the vendor about the appropriate time and plans location that have been made. Make sure they also know the direction of travel to every place that you and your partner you will visit. Bring a list of the phone so that your vendor when they do not come on time, you can contact them immediately

7. Usually on the wedding day the bridegroom often feel afraid of disease such as sudden stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, etc.. Eat before wedding receptions but not too much. Ask someone to bring a sandwich or other snack. You certainly do not want to faint on your wedding day, isn't it?

8. When ordering catering, choose a professional catering and in accordance with the type of food you want. Order food and drink according to the amount of your invitation. Give a list of foods that you message to someone from the family to control it on the wedding day.

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