With Oscar originate from this Sunday, I thought it would be fun to do another wedding inspiration from Oscar week here on the GWS! There is so much inspiration and cinematography film is such a great place to find ideas. Last year I shared representations affected by upper, Am̩lie, (500) days of summer and love your man. to start this week, I thought I would share performances affected by one of the most visually beautiful movies I saw this last year (and nominated for an Oscar for best planning sufficiently generous), I am love. I love made in Italy and it's all about passion and food, and fashion Рthat sounds like the perfect items for a wedding!

wedding inspiration from italy

Photo credits: love will clockwise from ban do barrette, photos from the movie, gown by Carolina Herrera, PLACE, movie, font penabico, photo by pinterest

Your picture close dinner party host with delicious food + wine. PLACE flowers and a beautiful gown. Tilda Swinton wore a gown in the film and I think it would be so dramatic for your wedding. One of my Favorite elements other than the movie's poster strips (shown below). It has a beautiful classic copperplate script, and it was such a great inspiration for your invitation. This font is quite close to the one used in the film and you can buy from myfonts.com and play around with it for your decor.

i am love movie

To really be the subject of Italy, you could have your wedding at a location that is inspired by Italian architecture with the Villa's terrace in Milwaukee. Wisconsin, Villa del Sol d'Oro in the Sierra Madre, California. or Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas. Or, of course, there's always Italy! :)

I have some more fun posts already planned to share this week, but I would love to know what movies inspired more this year?

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