I really imagine a man I am with the camarades. We use 2 be rire in lessons and use 2 flirt all cut, but when she is seated following 2 is that you really couldn't get talk 2. When you use 2 seat following 2 eachother, Tickle, touch my leg and Occasionally would hold my eyes-contact many times, but it would be well much lock petite. The other day I was in town with his 2 says if he was with his mistress (which I don't know that he could take it the wrong way). Then I made 2 see it again (we were not near enough parler 2), and I was told she was regarder. it seems 2 think it love me because of the regarder because he gave me 2: today (2 days after I saw in the town), he had 2 sit at my right hand and 1 in the camarades plan sieges, rire we use 2 continued. Every time he spoke two U. S. de petite, we would hear. Then I would sneakily s not something 2 do for me and one of the talks (Hermosillo. mention réunion and some friends of the weekend). Every time I do that, it would be butt talks if he don't hear well you if he had heard he didn't say anything atall. What do u think? All directions?
Because we used to talk a lot, I know that he was seriously injured in a former relationship not a manipulé. And âge ago when he told me he has said to me, that he would never cheat because he know how he feels, and au to end his mistress and love for a sister-in-law not ... does this mean she does not like me (even if he seems to love m)? This thing to 2, but want to know me better? you do that it means something and sister-in-law not.?

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