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Wedding invitations are the very start of your wedding for most of your guests. Although you have been planning carefully for months, or even years, the wedding invitation is the first thing
that most of your guests will see. Your wedding invitations need to be special, to reflect your personality and to let you guests know that they are special and you want to share the best day of your life with them.

There are many different types of wedding invitations available and there is sure to be one to suit you. Many like a formal type of invitation and these cards can be bought in a variety of
styles from pure white with calligraphic lettering to subtle shade of yellow with raised gold lettering.

But if you require something a little special it is also (if the budget allows) possible to get cards made to your own design. Although these are a little more expensive they are generally
within reason. There are many printing firms that will make them for you and either design them, or put your ideas into a workable design. There are also many local printers that will do
this and working with a small firm can make it seem a little more personal.

Many shops and websites these days also stock more contemporary cards and these can make an interesting change from the more standard designs and help to make your wedding stand out in the mind of your guests.

You can even buy invitation cards with petals in them. If you are of a more "crafty" nature and would like your cards to be more personal, then you can always buy blank cards and make your
own. If you are not concerned with formality them you can personalize each card, or even add picture of yourselves.

You can, if your taste is a little more out of the ordinary, find some very good humorous wedding invitations. After all its your day and there is no reason that you should have a traditional invitation if that doesn't convey who you are. And they are going to your friends and if they know your humor then they will, hopefully, laugh along with you.

Thee are also cards to suit all different religions available. These day's most religious communities are well catered for but again you can always have your cards printed to your own design if these do not suit you.

To avoid any last minute problems or delays it is best to order your cards as far in advance as possible. Then, if there are any delays, it shouldn't be a disaster. This is even more important
if you are getting the cards designed for you. There are things that can go wrong and it is best to give yourself as much leeway as possible, in case the printer doesn't deliver, or you do not like the designs when they arrive.

You might also like to include an RSVP card with your wedding invitations, so that the guest can just add their congratulations and mail it back to you. Not only is this a nice way of inviting guests, it also means that you are much more likely get your replies sooner if the guest doesn't have to remember to find some paper and an envelope to send you their acceptance.

The wedding invitations should not be sent out too far in advance, but you do need to allow the guests enough time to make any preparations for the big day. Some may have work commitments to rearrange, or other social plans that they may need to reschedule.

So be sure that you give them enough time to do this, as otherwise there may be friends that are unable to attend. Usually 6 weeks is about the right amount of time to allow all of your guests to make their plans but is not so far in advance that the momentum of the big day is lost.

Your wedding invitations are the beginning of your wedding to many of your guests and as such it is important that they are what you want. And that they convey the message to your guests that you want to send. If you order well in advance and give your guests plenty of time to reply, then the first part of the beginning of your lives together should go smoothly and show your guests that they are special and you want them to be a part of your special day.

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