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Some things to consider when choosing wedding invitations are the paper color, paper stock, borders, color ink and style of the writing. Take a look at several invitations or a sample catalog to decide on the right one for your wedding. There are countless variations to choose from.

RSVPs are usually included in the invitations. The RSVPs should have an envelope that is stamped and addressed. RVVPs should either be sent to the person/people who are paying for the wedding or the engaged couple. Make sure you can keep track of whom you have heard back from and who is attending the wedding.

The following information should be included with your invitations:
* Ceremony and reception addresses
* Date and times
* RSVP information: name and phone number or preaddressed envelope with RSVP card.
* Let guests know if dinner will be served
* Map to the ceremony and reception
* List of hotels.

Make sure you have already checked with the hotels to make sure they can accommodate a large group. If possible, block off rooms for your guests.

After a few weeks, you should call the people who have not yet responded. If a lot of people are not able to attend the wedding, you may want to invite other family or friends. A few weeks before the wedding you need to give a head count to the caterer.

When sending invitations, make sure you:
* Use black ink only
* Use fancy stamps
* Write out everything (no abbreviations) except Mr. Mrs. and Ms.
* Use your guest's formal name on the outer envelope.
* Use your guest's informal name on the inner envelope. Include the names of everyone you are inviting on the inner envelope, even children's names
* If you are inviting someone who can bring a guest, make sure this is clear. (Mr.
Smith + Guest)
* Make sure the RSVP envelope is stamped and has your address on it

Printing methods There are a few different types of printing methods that are common for wedding invitations.


* Most elegant form
* Stamped from the back by metal plates to rise the letters off the paper
* Most expensive


* Most popular
* Heat ink to create a raised letter look
* Almost indistinguishable from engraving
* ½ price of engraving


* Fancy formal script
* Computer programs canreproduce calligraphy

Offset printing

* Flat printing
* Most common form of printing
* Multiple ink colors

Handwritten invitations

* Usually done when 50 people or less are invited
* Personal
* Time consuming
* Inexpensive
* Use black ink only
* Purchase an invitation kit and use a computer to print them or write them by hand

Why are wedding invitations placed in two envelopes?

Pieces of mail that are placed in two envelopes are viewed as more valuable since they are less accessible. Wedding invitations are an important document and a valued piece of mail. Having two envelopes also serves a protective role by providing cushioning. Another protective measure is a layer of tissue that is placed on top of most engraved or printed invitations to prevent smudging.

Why use calligraphy writing on invitations?

It is a very old tradition to have invitations written in calligraphy, a fancy form of script writing. During the Middle Ages monks were the only people who were trained in calligraphy. They used calligraphy to keep records. The upper class sought
after monks to write wedding invitations in calligraphy because it was very prestigious.

Stationary There are other items of stationary beside
invitations that you may want printed, such as:

* Wedding programs
* Reception cards
* Thank you notes
* Menu cards
* Place cards
* Seating cards

Wedding announcement Wedding announcements should be mailed to everyone who wasn't invited to the wedding after the ceremony. The announcements are a way to inform people that you are married and notify them of any name or address changes.

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