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Choosing a partner to help in the field of decoration is not as easy as we think. Go see the building and the room size, width, height up to the roof, where the wedding stage, the music stage, and so on. Ask the manager if the building has a map of the location and details of interior room. If there is, ask the copy.

See some vendors around you. Show the room sketch and what you want in the party, ask the approximate price. When they remove the price, ask for a detailed explanation for what. Ie, vendor estimates the cost of decorating the room for $10000, if possible, ask for details of how standing flower that we can get, what flower can we get (the local flower is cheaper than imports, but also the quality of different ... or a mix between both of them have reduce the budget of 30%), including whether the cost of the carpet, etc.

Request to the vendor to invite you to events that they do the decoration, so you can see how their work directly in the field. If possible, meet at a vendor, ask for time to meet directly sketches. Go directly the office vendors (avoiding public places such as malls), unless you already know well with the decorator.

The items that usually have decorating the wedding: Wedding chair set, decorator fabric (international style), with the seat cushion and carpets, chairs one set of parents, standing on the flower decoration. Receptionist area and the entrance, for example, cloth pergola, standing flower, image display. Peace Channel, for example, the gate of the cloth, standing flower set. Music stage, etc.

If you deal with that vendor, always ask an agreement in black and white with all the details, so that when the day H families easily control what items should be in the dock.

wedding invitations gallery

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