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Many couples that are hesitant before the marriage because fear of the myths about marriage.


Seems when enter the wedding gate, as your personal life will also vanish. It will be your marriage, not will go to jail?

Indeed, many stories about the of the single woman's dreams that buried when they were married. But why many women who are more successful in life after they get married. Or even an inch of their lives that have not changed, the same as when single.

Dead End Career

Marriage will limit the development of a career. Many job opportunities that is closed for a married woman. Many of them requested to resign after married. Or difficult to get a promotion because of your time will be merged for families.

Ah, this is depending on you. When you are proven reliable and has the ability, you can be suretp do this.

Fear to have Children

There are many reasons why someone fear to have seed. Because the process is difficult. Concerned can not provide a decent life to child's, fear or can not be good parents.

Or may fear that more 'trivial' problem like bad body shape after childbirth as a result? Relax, you still have a lot of time. Life has its own story in each process. Who knows, you would enjoy this stage and run it successfully.

People change

Before married he was so sweet. But what if later we are married? Once your concern. Moreover, many examples of that.

This in turn affects your interest to get married. Yes, if the options properly. If it was wrong how?

Well, certainly all changed. There is not a constant, but change itself is not it? Later in the trip of your own will also change and certainly there will be efforts to adjust to the change. But at least you never try, or you want to do forever?

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