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Have you already planned your wedding? If yes, have you taken into consideration how many guest and who are invited? Have you considered what type of wedding invitations would you send to them? If you have no idea, here are some hints that might be useful to you.

1. Set your budget.You must take into consideration your financial limitation. How much would you spend on your wedding? How much would you spend on your wedding invitations? How many people can you afford to invite?

2. List the entire possible guests.Listing your possible guests can help you get a picture of what type of wedding you like, and how many guest you want. Discuss with your partner who are the people that should be invited. It is important that you both agree on the number of guest and who should attend on your wedding day.

3. Select the type of your wedding invitations. Nowadays, there are many types of wedding invitations which you can choose from. You can either relay your invitation through e-mail, e-card, word of mouth or phone calls. These forms of invitations are more casual and inexpensive way of telling them that you want to their presence on your wedding day. But if you want them to feel extra special and want a formal way, you can use wedding invitation cards and mail it to them.

4. Formal wedding invitations.In a formal invitation you should remember important things like using the courtesy titles (e.g. Mr., Miss, Mrs., Honorable, Attorney, etc.), always answer the question who, what, when, and where. You can use your own words and phrase for your wedding invitations. You can also start by writing “You are cordially invited to our wedding”.

5. Choose design appropriate to your personality. There are hundred of design that you can find on the internet in which will give you a better idea of what your wedding invitation would look like.

Whatever type of wedding invitations that both of you will decide on, what matter most is that you send a message announcing your Big Day “your wedding”.

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